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Growth Seekers Welcome invites discourse through essays and podcasts on deep, philosophical, theological, and human development themes to expand your mind in having a better understanding of yourself, your purpose, and fitting into the world around you. We seek to proactively help people answer the questions around why bad things happen to good people and support you in living more purposefully in contribution to your own prosperity and betterment of the world at large.

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Nicole Holland helps people move through their greatest fears, transcend doubt, and live their most authentic, joy filled lives. For the past four decades she has counseled countless individuals of all ages and walks of life through their darkest days with unwavering love and acceptance. Nicole compassionately supports growth without judgment or condemnation. You don’t have to face your demons alone — even if the one you're most afraid of is yourself.

The content you will find here is an ongoing labor of love, initiated by Nicole and complimented by contributions from friends and community members.

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Our essays are intended to inspire deep thought and engage open dialogue around philosophical and traditionally taboo topics. We're here to support personal growth and understanding, ultimately leading to a sense of inner peace and harmony in the world.


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